Keep the Mama in the picture-Because Time Flies.

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Mamas are amazing. They spent all day being amazing. Every single day. And every year we try to come up with the perfect gift for them. So why a Mother’s Day shoot? Because we don’t keep the mama in the picture– we, the mothers, we take the pictures… a million pictures of the kids. And a million pictures of our kids and our partners with them. So that our social media feed is filled with all these special moments and simple moments that we experience, that we witness, that matter, but we aren’t in that picture. Yes – sometimes we sneak in that selfie, self-conscious, but wanting the world to remember we were there. Worried that we look imperfect, that society sees us as vain for self portrait with our children… But our children deserve this just as we do. They deserve a special pictures with their mamas. So keep the mama in the picture. Remember to take pictures of her. Remember to take pictures of her. If you’re mama don’t hesitate to take that selfie. You look perfect even if you’re a mess.

And well yeah, you should you hire me to do a session with just the mama and the kids – yes you should. Whether you buy it for yourself ( yes you should!) or if you purchase it as a gift( YES YOU SHOULD!). Years flyby and now is the time to document the chaotic wonderfulness that is the life of a mama. Pocket and regular sessions are available as well as gift certificates. (pricing HERE) Contact me now.

Regardless if you hire me or not… This May make sure you’re taking pictures of all the amazing mothers in your life.

Because time flies.

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