Pricing for portrait sessions, including families, kids and newborns

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Portrait sessions including Family, kids and newborns 

*******2023 PRICING!! *******

Full Sessions

– Weekday Pricing $360, Weekend Pricing $420  includes the shoot,(normally an hour to hour and a half),   –You will see 75-100 images after every shoots.With this package you receive 10 free full res downloads, for you to print and share and use as you like!  You have the options to purchase more downloads, the entire set of downloads at a special price of $150 or actual prints through the gallery site.  (Questions? Please ask!) Available any day of the week.



9 Replies to “Pricing for portrait sessions, including families, kids and newborns”

  1. Hi Emily, I am a CFI grandma. My son, Erik Long, told me to tell you that. Part of our family lives in Indy and part lives in Chicago (Naperville). We are all together twice a year. Our last family picture was August 29, 2015 (family wedding). We just had a new addition to our family, Charlotte. We will all be together starting December 27. I don’t know when the Chicago family has to return, but I will ask them. You may go out of town for the holidays, but I just thought I’d check to see if we can schedule a family portrait. It would be 8 adults and 7 children (ages 2 months, to 11 years old.)

  2. Send me info on what I will pay to get copies of the images or do I just print what you include in my images. My family wants to know what it will cost them.

    J DeGan

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