Pricing for portrait sessions, including families, kids and newborns

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Portrait sessions including Family, kids and newborns 

*******2019 PRICING!! *******

NEW NEW NEW *** 2020 Pricing and Packages

Pandemic Porch Portraits

This time is tumultuous and strange. Many of you are working at home, have kids home from school, have grown kids home. Let’s do a quick shoot and document this time. You hang out on the porch and I stay at least 6 feet away and we do a quick session- 15 mins long. Kids in jammies or dress up clothes? YES. Cats and dogs? YES. Coffee or wine in your hand? Totally. BE YOU. BE NOW.

Here how it works.- the session is 15 minutes long , included in the session is 3 downloads ( they will see 20-30 images in all ) with an option to purchase individual additional downloads or the whole set of downloads. Obviously I come to you! – porch, back deck, etc- safety being the primary distance goal- but also by photographing you where you are- where you are sheltering in place, it gives grace and beauty to truly challenging time.
The session is $100 ( the additional set of downloads is $75)
My biggest request time wise is that they tell me what the sun looks like on the porch at a given time of day- for instance. We don’t want bright sun in your eyes. 😉 or what direction the porch faces – that can help me figure best time of day.


-Q-how do I hold the date?
-A – First. Contact me and We will discuss the best day and time of day for your situation- normally as many of you know I will only shoot at a certain time of day but this is a slightly different situation where we’re trying to get the best lighting for your particular space which is a little bit different than just choosing the best lighting of a day…
There is a deposit of $50 to hold the session and the balance is $50 due the day of the shoot.
– Q- I put down a deposit for a session before, can I use that deposit?
– A- no. These sessions ( in addition to being a way of documenting this strange and unprecedented time) are to help support my business during a complete loss of Income Due to cancelled shoots and events – in addition they are at a special pricing, much lower than my normal pricing.
-Q -where will you travel?
-A-Anywhere BUT if it is further than central Indiana I will need to add a small travel fee
-Q -can we include pets!
-Q if you don’t have anything else to shoot right now, why aren’t your sessions free?
-A -fair questions! Because my income is an important part of my families stability. So. Frankly, this is a way to help me make up a small amount of that lost income. This is much lower price than I would normally offer but I also appreciate that EVERYONE is nervous about fiscal things.

( these are offered as a limited thing- until things resume more normally.)

Any other questions or to set up a time, just contact me!!

Visit blog posts to see sneak peeks of recent Porch Sessions!

***important note***safety is huge priority, I will not enter your home. Payments must be done electronically. Our family has been practicing strict social distancing. Thus I can only offer no contact outdoor shoots, where I am at least 6 feet away. I have a fabulous camera with a great zoom, and an amazing ability to photograph families. I will shoot you on your porch or deck from a safe distance of a min of 6-8 feet.

Pocket Session

–Weekday Pricing $175, Weekend pricing- $200   The shoot is 30 minutes long, includes the editing and you will see 25-30 images after editing. With this package you receive 5 free full res downloads, for you to print and share and use as you like!  You have the options to purchase more downloads, the entire set of downloads for a special price of $75 or actual prints through the gallery site.  (Questions? Please ask!)This shoot is appropriate for groups of four or less, sweetheart sessions and head shots .  (It is not available for newborn sessions or for children under the age of one.)  These sessions are held at Holliday Park, Holcomb Gardens, Marrot Park, Broad Ripple Murals and 49th and Monon Murals. Sessions are ONLY Monday -Friday April through Oct 31st.

Full Sessions

– Weekday Pricing $330, Weekend Pricing $385  includes the shoot,(normally an hour to hour and a half),   –You will see 75-100 images after every shoots.With this package you receive 10 free full res downloads, for you to print and share and use as you like!  You have the options to purchase more downloads, the entire set of downloads at a special price of $125 or actual prints through the gallery site.  (Questions? Please ask!) Available any day of the week.



9 Replies to “Pricing for portrait sessions, including families, kids and newborns”

  1. Hi Emily, I am a CFI grandma. My son, Erik Long, told me to tell you that. Part of our family lives in Indy and part lives in Chicago (Naperville). We are all together twice a year. Our last family picture was August 29, 2015 (family wedding). We just had a new addition to our family, Charlotte. We will all be together starting December 27. I don’t know when the Chicago family has to return, but I will ask them. You may go out of town for the holidays, but I just thought I’d check to see if we can schedule a family portrait. It would be 8 adults and 7 children (ages 2 months, to 11 years old.)

  2. Send me info on what I will pay to get copies of the images or do I just print what you include in my images. My family wants to know what it will cost them.

    J DeGan

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