” We have had Emily shoot our two girls for the last three years. We have been thrilled every time! She captures their spirit so well and brings out their personalities so much. We tried the department store photographers first, and were really disappointed in the experience and results. After working with Emily, there is really no comparison. The artistry, character, and professionalism she brings to the sessions makes all the difference!”

—– John A.

“I love Emily’s creative eye – not your average family photos.  She’s able to capture the moment, with an artistic edge.  The only downside is that I cannot possibly print and display all of the pictures that I love – I don’t have enough walls…”

—–Tracy M.

“…the (wedding) photos are truly stunning. We honestly could not have asked for a better photographer (pair of photographers!), in regards not only to photo quality but also pure kindness and joy and general personality. It really felt like a very good friend of ours was doing the photography that day, rather than a professional that we’d hired for the job.”

—–Matt and Lisa

” I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the photos from our families shoot last month.  I posted a few of my favs on FB and have received a TON of compliments!”

—–Christine N.

“Emily, Thank you for all of your awesome hard work Sunday. I am very thankful you were there to document yet another “first” for Dan & I.”

—– Amanda B.

Saw the sneak peek and WOW!!!! So excited. You do GREAT work!”

——-Lynn S.

“I love that you captured their personalities. :) Thank you for taking the time necessary and knowing your craft so well. It was a joy to have you to our home to photograph our newborn twins.”

——-Cheryl D.

2 Replies to “Raves”

  1. We have had the pleasure of Emily Schwank taking photos of our family for 2.5 years. She has documented the milestones of our children’s lives and has captured the beauty of our family! My kids will look back and see photos of their family at all different stages and I can’t tell you how grateful we are for her gift! Emily captures the moments not just the faces. And those moments will be cherished for a lifetime. 💚

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