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So here’s a little bit about what I do.  I love to take pictures.  Love it. It is more than a job to me.  It is a joyous drive and passion.

I specialize in kids and newborns, families, weddings, couples, high school seniors and headshots.
But… I’ve also love to do Theater  and Parties.

My goal is to constantly be learning and pushing myself so that my work is exciting to me and new everytime– so far so good…
and that means consistently creating beautiful, powerful images that tell the story of those who I photograph.  Each of you is different person and each of my shoots is unique.

But it also means providing quality services and excellent prices.

I carry with me over 20 years of professional photography experience and more importantly, a drive for sharing my passion of evocative images with my clients and the world.  I am the mama of five fantastic kids,and three bonus kids-  so kids and families are fun and easy for me to enjoy, each family is different and special… if it is a family of two or family of 10… discovering how to capture your personalities in my camera brings me delight and I am aware that I am very very lucky to be able to do a job every day that is new and exciting.
Please consider Emily Persic, Photographer( thats me, Emily!) for all your photographic needs.

(we accepts checks, cash and all major credit cards)

Emily has been known to characterize herself at unguarded moments as “stubborn, arrogant, smart, insecure, confident, curious, noisy, and a middle child.” She has brown eyes, small wrists, and believes she walks too fast, which she uses as an ineffective excuse for her clumsiness. . This un-solitary life is formed by tragedy and beauty, love and anger, in equal doses. In this, Emily finds purpose: whether it is found in busy foreign streets, wild holy places, or her own back yard, she stumbles across images and finds them irresistible. She strives everyday to see, really see; it seems so many images of grace and tragedy slip by without acknowledgment because the world is unwilling to open its eyes — not only to the obvious, but to the possible. While in a new place, all is strange and astounding and beautiful to her. When she returns home things become clearer: the torn curtain, the dingy wall, the beautiful, overgrown garden, the people in the city walking down the street who turn toward or away from each other in hope and agony. Despite situations and visions of a nation, a world, that seem increasingly dark, Emily retains an absurd and steadfast sense of optimism.

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  1. Hi! Was referred to you by a friend. We are interested in scheduling a family session. What is your pricing? We would like the rights to the high res cd as part if our package. Would you be available to book something in September?



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