This time is tumultuous and strange. Many of you are working at home, have kids home from school, have grown kids home. Let’s do a quick shoot and document this time. You hang out on the porch and I stay at least 6 feet away and we do a quick session- 15 mins long. Kids in jammies or dress up clothes? YES. Cats and dogs? YES. Coffee or wine in your hand? Totally. BE YOU. BE NOW.

Here how it works.- the session is 15 minutes long , included in the session Is 3 downloads ( they will see 20-30 images in all ) with an option to purchase individual additional downloads or the whole set of downloads. Obviously I come to you! – porch, back deck, etc- safety being the primary distance goal- but also by photographing you where you are- where you are sheltering in place, it gives grace and beauty to truly challenging time.
The session is $100 ( the additional set of downloads is $75)
I’m pretty flexible right now time wise- as you can imagine my shoots have been rescheduled- my biggest request time wise is that they tell me what the sun looks like on the porch at a given time of day- for instance. We don’t want bright sun in your eyes. 😉 or what direction the porch faces – that can help me figure best time of day.


-Q-how do I hold the date?
-A – First. Contact me and We will discuss the best day and time of day for your situation- normally as many of you know I will only shoot at a certain time of day but this is a slightly different situation where we’re trying to get the best lighting for your particular space which is a little bit different than just choosing the best lighting of a day…
There is a deposit of $50 to hold the session and the balance is $50 due the day of the shoot.
– Q- I put down a deposit for a session before, can I use that deposit?
– A- no. These sessions ( in addition to being a way of documenting this strange and unprecedented time) are to help support my business during a complete loss of Income Due to cancelled shoots and events – in addition they are at a special pricing, much lower than my normal pricing.
-Q -where will you travel?
-A-Anywhere BUT if it is further than central Indiana I will need to add a small travel fee
-Q -can we include pets!
-Q if you don’t have anything else to shoot right now, why aren’t your sessions free?
-A -fair questions! Because my income is an important part of my families stability. So. Frankly, this is a way to help me make up a small amount of that lost income. This is much lower price than I would normally offer but I also appreciate that EVERYONE is nervous about fiscal things.

Any other questions or to set up a time, just contact me!!

Visit HERE to see blog posts of sneak peeks of recent Porch Sessions!

***important note***safety is huge priority, I will not enter your home. Payments must be done electronically. Our family has been practicing strict social distancing. Thus I can only offer no contact outdoor shoots, where I am at least 6 feet away. I have a fabulous camera with a great zoom, and an amazing ability to photograph families. I will shoot you on your porch or deck from a safe distance of a min of 6-8 feet.


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