Booking Opened for late summer and fall

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dsc5302I am booking for end of summer/fall (yes it seems crazy in April…) but the last two years have taught me that if I don’t start now….I won’t be able to fit in all the sessions people are desiring!(I DO have some openings in May and June… ) I hated turning people away last year or having to push people into November! In fact I have booked up about half my fall weekends already and about 75% of summer! I will be traveling for a good portion of the summer which is limiting my availability.
I would love to get you on my calendar For July, August, September or October !
*The years go by very quickly, as they do and I am grateful that I’m a photographer. I’m not waiting till the picture is perfect to take it, I’m not waiting till there’s a sunny day, till the braces are gone, til the hair grows out, til the teeth grow in. They are beautiful as they are. We so often wait, we mean to do it, saying we will do a photo shoot when the weather is beautiful, when the leaves are turning colors , when the children are older, when the family is visiting, when we’ve lost 5 pounds, but the time is now-there has actually never been a better time to document these amazing, chaotic, beautiful lives we live.
So yes, you should call me and you should book a session. And I could tell you all about how memories matter, and how you’ll never spend any money that will last quite as long as these images do… And that’s all true. But mostly I’m going to tell you that I will be photographing my own children, and that in a year I will be grateful for those pictures and in five years and in 10 years and in 40 years. I will be glad I didn’t wait till they were older, til the teeth came in, til the zit it was gone, til I was skinny. ( because it’s nice when the parents are in the picture too, sometimes!)
So book a session with me, there are pocket sessions, perfect for just the kids, there are regular sessions. We can go to parks, we can go to your favorite place, we can go to THIER favorite place, I can come to your house and take pictures of you all just hanging out and playing games or making dinner.
Do it. Because time flies.*

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