Sneak Peek- Rehearsal, Zirkus Grimm

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It was about a million degrees in there, under the half finished circus tent. The light filtered down, and slowly faded and I dragged out the last bits of light I could. It was perfect. I remain in awe of theater people, the diversity of their abilities, the way they move and speak and dance and sing, the way they can turn it off and on… and yet carry tiny pieces of characters inside them.

Rehearsals are my favorite to photograph, more than the show — the relaxed, intensity, the camaraderie, the pauses and laughing , and tonight, the sweat and grit and the night falling and the light leaving and, well, all of it. Perfect.

Zirkus Grimm holds a special place in my heart, a reminder of why we all do this crazy insane thing called art, whatever you art.  Why we push and push and and never give up even when we want to. Because there are glorious moments like Zirkus Grimm.


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