DSC_3041Yesterday I photographed Seussical put on by the amazing students of CFI 84… and their fearless leaders … I was so impressed and well… moved by their hard work and talent and teamwork. (and remember this is just a sneak peek!  LOTS MORE to come!)

Before the show, pep talks and nerves….

DSC_3086DSC_3134DSC_3141 DSC_4094DSC_4080 DSC_3846

And all sorts of jungle and Whoville magic!


DSC_3306DSC_4172DSC_4249DSC_3449 DSC_4296DSC_3514 DSC_3523DSC_4190 DSC_4195 DSC_4205 DSC_4215DSC_4323DSC_4355DSC_3878 DSC_3716DSC_3631 DSC_3676

Behind the scenes waiting to go on….

photo 1-11 photo 2-11 photo 3-11 copy photo 3-11 photo 4-10 copy photo 5-8DSC_3820 DSC_4469 DSC_4481 DSC_4523 DSC_4565 DSC_4577DSC_4148 DSC_4595


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