Here it is!  the Holiday special!  Pre purchase or reserve your session(see details for more information in this and whats needed to reserve a session!) and get the cd included– that’s a savings of $100.  I will not offer this special again… so take advantage now.

DSC7345 _DSC8156

Heres the details!!

If you wish to purchase this as a gift for someone, I happy to email or give you a hard copy gift certificate.  If it is a gift I require the whole $150 at time of purchase.


If you wish to reserve a session for yourself or your family… the $50 is due to require hold the session and special.  The balance of $100 is due at the time of the shoot.

More Details!

Sessions must be purchased/reserved by Dec 1st. All shoots must be done before October 1st 2014. I am happy to help chose locations.  You will see 70-100 images after editing.Visit here for more information on family/kid sessions.

Contact me at raincliffs@gmail.com or 317.403.5535

The goal of Raincliffs Photography’s portrait sessions is to capture the essence of your child (and family).  I encourage you to chose a location you and your child enjoy and feel comfortable in, your home , a park or some other location you find fun and attractive. I am always happy to help come up with ideas… natural, urban or maybe a bit of a mix…  The session lasts about an hour, depending on your  child…sometimes they need a little break for a snack or drink of water, it is important that the session is enjoyable and comfortable for them and for you!  If you include the high-res proofs on cd, you have the right to print as you wish and online viewing to share with friends. You have the right to reprint as you wish, post on your blog or Facebook, make holiday cards… etc…anything you wish!


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