We have the most wonderful school, that fosters creativity, independence and community.  This Saturday they put on Annie Jr and I was privileged to be the photographer for it!  Here’s a few of the (many) pictures…

Family and friends of the cast and crew– all the images will be available online to purchase in about a week….here is the price break down(I’m keeping these at cost).  An email with the link will go out as soon as they are ready!  For now– enjoy this peek( and if you don’t see your child, remember– this is a peek to tell a little story of the show– there are lots more and I feel confident images of everyone!  Including a group shot!).  Feel free to share these images on facebook or email…. I don’t recommend printing from them as they are low resolution.  Heres what the cost per print will be.  Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this production!

4×6  $1.00
5×7  $1.50
8×10  $3.00
Wallet (4)  $2.00
11×14  $6.00
16×20  $13.00
20×30  $17.00


Getting ready!  The excitement ( and nerves)are building!

DSC5208 DSC5212 DSC5215 DSC5221

Our fearless, dedicated leaders– Ms Byrd and Ms Robertson!


And the show starts!!!!

DSC5280 DSC5289 DSC5308 DSC5331 DSC5372

A peek from the side stage– Daddy Warbucks ready to go on and some of the wonderful stagehands!


Intermission means rest our voices and curl some hair!


And back to the show!

DSC5506 DSC5509 DSC5513 DSC5553 DSC5563 DSC5602 DSC5610 DSC5615 DSC5625 DSC5629 DSC5633 DSC5650 DSC5652 DSC5657 DSC5674

Well done– you amazing kids!!


Curious about what I do?  Browse my website!  Consider me for your photographic needs.  Oh and check out my latest project…I’m fundraising to take my 12 year daughter (6th grader at CFI and the oldest of my 5 kids!) to Ireland.


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