Sneak Peek– Seussical !!!!

Yesterday I photographed Seussical put on by the amazing students of CFI 84… and their fearless leaders … I was so impressed and well… moved by their hard work and talent and teamwork. (and remember this is just a sneak peek!  LOTS MORE to come!) Before the show, pep talks and nerves…. And all sorts…

Sneak Peek– April’s battlescars

Beautiful April is sharing her stories and her battle scars with us.  The universe must be aware of her bravery and gave us a warm, glorious day… Thank you, April, for letting me be part of your journey! Visit my Facebook page    Raincliffs Photography on Facebook!

Sneak Peek– Happy Birthday, Sweet Sadie!

Oh this girl was just full of smiles and giggles…she was trooper to held up for so long and gave me what has to be my most favorite smash cake episode ever! Visit my Facebook page!Raincliffs Photography on Face book!

Sneak Peek– Arden Of Fevershame

Hurrah– it’s that time of year again!  Hoosier Bard time of year!  This time– Arden of Fevershame.   Visit my Facebook page! Raincliffs Photography on Facebook

Sneak Peek– The Ruel Family in the snow.

Cold and snowy–but Mia (and Tammy and Matt!) were troopers.  Can’t wait to get all the images to you– and thanks to Isibeal Studio once again for the botanical art!

The Baird Family

It’s been a year since of seen these two darlings– I can’t believe how much they’ve grown!  Charlie is darling and so funny, and that Abby!  Beautiful and hilarious and clever.  Thanks so much for letting me share my chocolate kisses!   Visit my Facebook page! Raincliffs Photography on Facebook!

Sneak Peek– Ty

This guy is funny and kind and talented as all get out.  Major fun shoot.

Sneak Peek– Atlas and Moses (and their beautiful mama)

A bitter cold day… but my heart is full of happy and warm,  When I leave a shoot and my face hurts from smiling… Well thats a great day. Love these boys.   Visit my facebookpage!  Raincliffs Photography on Facebook!

Sneak Peek– Elloise at 3 Months

Ohhh, she’s grown so much, ( See HERE for Elliose’s NEWBORN session) now it’s time for smiles and bright eyes.  Oh what a darling!